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The Blood Raider Covenant is a NPC pirate alliance operating in Delve and Amarr space. They fly Amarr ships, and therefore use lasers and an armor tank. Bloods give out Talisman implants, which decrease the duration of energy emission systems, if you run their Blood Raider Missions.


Damage Output

They deal 50% thermal and 50% EM damage.

Suggested Hardeners

Slots Armor Shield
2 EM, Therm EM, Therm
3 EM, 2xTherm 2xEM, Therm
4 2xEM, 2xTherm 2xEM, 2xTherm


Blood Raiders are weak against EM and thermal damage.

Perfect match, use whatever you want
EMP (objectively, EMP does more damage against all blood rats than Phased Plasma, regardless of the below note)
Phased Plasma (seems to work better for me in artillery)
Gremlin Rockets
Sabretooth Light (Standard/Assault)
Thunderbolt Heavy
Torrent Heavy Assault
Paradise Cruise
Mjolnir Torpedoes
Hobgoblin Light
Hammerhead Medium
Ogre Heavy

(Thermal drones are a better bet than EM drones because their damage mod is higher; this makes up for the slightly higher thermal resists)


Range: This is what the rats will try to get to and orbit.

EM/TRM: Percentage of Damage per second from turrets for each damage type. Blood Raiders do only EM and Thermal damage

No Blood Raiders ships fire missiles. Battleships fire defender missiles.

Resistance percentages are the same for shields and armor on blood ships and are listed EM / Explosive / Kinetic /Thermal in that order.

Name Bounty Range DPS EM % Therm % Resistances % Special
Blood Pope 1850K 44km 132 55% 45% 49 / 79 / 69 / 60 -
Blood Patriarch 1700K 15km 127 54% 46% 48 / 78 / 68 / 59 -
Blood Cardinal 1550K 44km 118 50% 50% 47 / 77 / 67 / 58 -
Blood Monsignor 1400K 40km 114 50% 50% 46 / 76 / 66 / 57 NOS
Blood Harbinger 1250K 15km 99 56% 44% 45 / 75 / 65 / 56 NOS
Blood Archbishop 1100K 40km 97 56% 44% 44 / 74 / 64 / 54 NOS + Tracking Disrupt
Blood Apostle 950K 35km 96 50% 50% 44 / 73 / 63 / 53 -
Blood Oracle 800K 12km 92 50% 50% 43 / 72 / 62 / 52 -
Blood Prophet 650K 35km 86 50% 50% 41 / 71 / 61 / 51 -
Blood Archon 500K 12km 80 50% 50% 40 / 70 / 50 / 50 -

Nossing & EW Battleships

Blood Monsignor, Blood / Dark Blood Harbinger and Blood / Dark Blood Archbishop are reported to have NOS.

Elder Blood Priests, Elder Blood Revenants, and Elder Blood Sages are Cruiser sized rats which have Neuts which will hit out to almost 40km and brutally sodomize your cap. Elder Blood Arch Templars are short range NOS cruisers.

Several of the smaller blood ships and one of the battleships also use Tracking Disrupters which can rape your DPS.

Name Type Tracking Disrupt Nosferatu
Blood Collector Frigate Yes -
Blood Seeker Frigate Yes -
Blood Priest Cruiser Yes Yes
Blood Revenant Cruiser Yes -
Blood Sage Cruiser - Yes
Blood Arch Templar Cruiser Yes Yes
Blood Archbishop Battleship Yes Yes
Blood Harbinger Battleship - Yes
Blood Monsignor Battleship - Yes

Webbing & Scrambling Rats

Elder Blood Herald (7,5k) Elder Blood Upholder (7,5k) Elder Blood Follower (20k) Elder Blood Worshipper (20k)

Kiting Battleships

The following battleship sized rats use beam- instead of pulse-lasers, stay at high range and will kite short range battleships. They should be approached fast and need to be webbed.

Blood Apostle
Blood Archbishop
Blood Cardinal
Blood Monsignor
Blood Pope
Blood Prophet

Ship Classifications

FrigateRank1: Blood Follower
FrigateRank2: Blood Worshipper
FrigateRank3: Blood Herald
FrigateRank4: Blood Upholder
FrigateRank5: Blood Seeker
FrigateRank6: Blood Collector
FrigateRank7: Blood Raider
FrigateRank8: Blood Diviner
FrigateRank9: Blood Reaver
FrigateRank10: Blood Engraver
DestroyerRank1: Blood Visionary
DestroyerRank2: Blood Converter
DestroyerRank3: Blood Templar
DestroyerRank4: Blood Devoter
DestroyerRank5: Blood Friar
DestroyerRank6: Blood Cleric
EliteFrigateRank1: Elder Blood Follower (Interceptor)
EliteFrigateRank2: Elder Blood Worshipper (Interceptor)
EliteFrigateRank3: Elder Blood Herald (Interceptor)
EliteFrigateRank4: Elder Blood Upholder (Interceptor)
EliteFrigateRank5: Elder Blood Seeker (Electronic/Special)
EliteFrigateRank6: Elder Blood Collector (Electronic/Special)
EliteFrigateRank7: Elder Blood Raider (Assault)
EliteFrigateRank8: Elder Blood Diviner (Assault)
EliteFrigateRank9: Elder Blood Reaver (Assault)
EliteFrigateRank10: Elder Blood Engraver (Assault)
CruiserRank1: Blood Arch Reaver
CruiserRank2: Blood Arch Engraver
CruiserRank3: Blood Arch Templar
CruiserRank4: Blood Revenant
CruiserRank5: Blood Sage
CruiserRank6: Blood Priest
CruiserRank7: Blood Arch Sage
CruiserRank8: Blood Arch Priest
CruiserRank9: Blood Shadow Sage
CruiserRank10: Blood Dark Priest
BattleCruiserRank1: Blood Bishop
BattleCruiserRank2: Blood Seer
BattleCruiserRank3: Blood Shade
BattleCruiserRank4: Blood Fanatic
BattleCruiserRank5: Blood Phantom
BattleCruiserRank6: Blood Exorcist
EliteCruiserRank1: Elder Blood Arch Templar (Electronic/Special)
EliteCruiserRank2: Elder Blood Revenant (Electronic/Special)
EliteCruiserRank3: Elder Blood Sage (Electronic/Special)
EliteCruiserRank4: Elder Blood Priest (Electronic/Special)
EliteCruiserRank5: Elder Blood Arch Sage (Assault)
EliteCruiserRank6: Elder Blood Arch Priest (Assault)
EliteCruiserRank7: Elder Blood Shadow Sage (Assault)
EliteCruiserRank8: Elder Blood Dark Priest (Assault)
BattleshipRank1: Blood Archon
BattleshipRank2: Blood Prophet
BattleshipRank3: Blood Oracle
BattleshipRank4: Blood Apostle
BattleshipRank5: Blood Archbishop
BattleshipRank6: Blood Harbinger
BattleshipRank7: Blood Monsignor
BattleshipRank8: Blood Cardinal
BattleshipRank9: Blood Patriarch
BattleshipRank10: Blood Pope